Dempster denies Red Sox

by Matthew on December 8, 2012

Gordon Edes, Red Sox reporter for reported on Saturday that free agent right-hander Ryan Dempster has turned down a two-year, $25 million offer from the Red Sox.

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Dempster is believed to be seeking a three-year deal and reportedly is being courted by the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewers.

The news is not surprising after rumors circulated that Dempster also turned down a two-year, $26 million offer from the Kansas City Royals.

But is the 35-year–old asking too much?

He had a 2.25 ERA in 16 starts with the Cubs last season before being traded, but he struggled initially in his first stint in the American League, giving up eight earned runs in two of his first three starts with the Rangers. To his defense be went 5-0 with a 1.91 ERA, striking out 36 in 33 innings in his next five starts after that.

Still, a three-year contract for a guy with his latest ERA over 5.00, is nuts.

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