Red Sox Did NOT Nakajima Bidding

by Ben Cook on December 6, 2011

UPDATE: It would appear the report that the Red Sox won the bidding for Nakajima has turned out to be false.

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It’s still not outside the realm of possibility that the Sox would still trade one of their shortstops, but the issue does not appear to be as pressing as it would have been with Nakajima in the fold.

The Boston Red Sox have reportedly won the bidding to negotiate with Japanese shortstop Hiroyuki Nakajima.

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The Red Sox already have depth in the middle infield with Dustin Pedroia at second and Marco Scutaro at short stop with Jed Lowrie backing him up. The “Sahx” have even more depth at middle infield when you consider promising minor leaguer Jose Iglesias who had 2 hits for the Sox in his six-at-bat cup of coffee.

New Boston manager Bobby Valentine spent several years managing in Japan and almost certainly had a strong influence on the Red Sox decision to go after Nakajima.

Boston must still negotiate a deal with the short stop, however. The posting process by Japanese teams only awards the highest bidder the right to negotiate and sign the player, it does not guarantee a contract will be reached.

Even bidding on Nakajima would seem to indicate the Red Sox plan on trading one of their three short stops, the most likely being Lowrie.

Several teams are known to have a need at short stop including the St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies (who could lose Jimmy Rollins to free agency) and Milwaukee Brewers but it remains unknown what the Sox would seek in return for any of their three short stops.

ESPN is questioning the validity of this report given that the Red Sox previously hadn’t been all that high on Nakajima’s offensive talent. As with all rumors this time of year, we’ll keep you posted.

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