Dempster Chess Match Continues

by kelly on July 25, 2012

The Cubs, unable to come to a satisfying agreement with the Dodgers in trade talks for Ryan Dempster, now say they’re going to keep Dempster and try to get draft pick compensation for him after the season – unless the Dodgers pony up with the player or players they want in return, that is.

Buster Olney tweets the latest:

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This has been an interesting back-and-forth to watch. The Cubs are trying to regain control of the trade talks after it appeared that the Dodgers had all the leverage, as Dempster has already said he’ll waive his 10/5 rights for L.A. but no other team. We may be waiting until the eleventh hour on July 31 before we know what uniform Dempster will be wearing for the rest of the year.

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