Despite Trade to Atlanta, Dempster Wants L.A.

by kelly on July 24, 2012

Yesterday we heard that the Cubs and Braves had agreed to a trade that would send starter Ryan Dempster to the Braves for young starter Randall Delgado. But, not so fast, said the 35-year-old righty. Because he’s been in the league for at least ten years, and at least five years with the same team, he has 10/5 rights, which give him the right to veto any trade. He hasn’t said “no” to the Braves deal, but he hasn’t said “yes” either.

With the trade deadline still seven days away, he’s going to take his time before reaching a decision, tweets Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago.

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You may wonder why he doesn’t want to just go to a contender right away. Well Dempster has made it no secret that he would prefer to play on the west coast, and the Dodgers are another team that has inquired about his services. Dempster is likely waiting on making a decision to see if the Cubs and Dodgers can revisit talks and come to an agreement, so he can have control over where he goes to play for the remainder of the 2012 season.

And according to Jon Heyman of, the talks have rekindled.

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Stay tuned…

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