Orioles 3rd Team in Cubs Deal for Peavy?

by Ben Cook on November 30, 2008

Numerous reports out of Baltimore are claiming that the Orioles might be the 3rd team that helps Padres GM Kevin Towers complete his trade of ace Jake Peavy to the Chicago Cubs.

Towers has been seeking to trade his soon to be free agent ace and the Cubs were reportedly the leading candidate. Unfortunately for the Padres, the Cubs don’t have the major league ready talent that they are seeking in return for the 2007 Cy Young award winner.

That, though is where Baltimore enters the picture. The O’s have had their eyes on young Cubs outfielder Felix Pie for quite some time and the Padres openly covet starting pitcher Garrett Olson. Another player widely speculated to be included in the trade would be Cubs starter Jason Marquis with the Cubs picking up a chunk of the veteran pitcher’s contract.

Although these talks are burning up the hot stove, it still seems pretty far from completion to me. I would expect the Padres to ask for at least two more players in addition to Olson and Marquis in return for Peavy and if those players were going to come from the Orioles, they would likely need more in return than Pie. If the Cubs do manage to land Peavy, they would have, as I’ve previously mentioned, one of the most impressive starting rotations in recent history consisting of Peavy, Zambrano, Dempster, Harden and Lilly.

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