Waiver Trade Candidates

by Ben Cook on August 6, 2009

As you know, July 31st is known as the trade deadline. But in fact, teams can still acquire players after that, however the players involved in a trade must first pass through waivers.

When players are placed on waivers, any of the 29 other teams can claim him which usually results in the player’s current team pulling him back off waivers. In some rare instances, teams will in fact allow players to leave via waivers although the more usual scenario is that teams will work out a trade for that player during the 48 hour window they’re given to negotiate.

If a player passes through waivers unclaimed, he can then be traded to any team at any time. However, a player must be on a team’s active roster by August 31st in order to be eligible for post-season play.

Now that we’ve explained the process, who are some of the players we might still see traded this year?

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick gives these starting 9 (which actually includes 14 players)  as the most likely to be dealt:

  1. Jon Garland & Doug Davis
  2. Heath Bell
  3. Lyle Overbay
  4. Justin Duchscherer
  5. The “Matt Stairs” type which Crasnick says this year includes Nomar Gargciaparra and Kevin Millar
  6. The “utility man” category under which Crasnick files David Eckstein, Mark Teahen, and Jamey Carroll.
  7. Carl Pavano
  8. Reds Relievers of Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers
  9. Miguel Batista

Heath Bell would obviously the biggest target on this list and as Crasnick mentions, would probably be claimed. However, even if he’s claimed by a team that’s not in contention, the Padres may be able to work out a deal.

That being said, I think Rhodes or Weathers are the much more likely releivers to be dealt.

There are also plenty of contending teams that could use a back of the rotation starter like Pavano, Davis, or Garland so I wouldn’t be surprised to see their names pop up on several different radars.

We also always seem to hear about one BIG name that passes through waivers making them elligible to be dealt (Manny was put on waivers a couple years back) but deals that big usually happen before August if they’re going to happen at all.


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generic August 7, 2009 at 11:12 am

Well, #7 just happened. Pavano to the Twins for a PTBNL.

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