Top 5 Baseball Cards to Buy in 2012

by Ben Cook on January 25, 2012

As free agency comes to an end teams are prepping for the 2012 season.  Some of the best players in the game have switched teams which may have a dramatic effect on their sports cards and collectibles.  Players like Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson will be getting a lot of notice from card collectors as well as investors.  Knowing which baseball cards to buy of a specific player is half the battle.  Below is a list that we have compiled of the top 5 baseball cards that we believe have the most potential in the upcoming baseball season.

Albert Pujols – Now that Albert Pujols has signed one of the most lucrative contracts in the history of baseball (I gagged just a little while typing that) you can expect his rookie cards to get even more attention than ever before.  Moving to west coast will help his rookie card value and widen his fan base.  Collectors should try to purchase only Albert Pujols rookie cards that are in mint or better condition. (The fact that plenty of Cardinals fans such as myself will likely burn the card on sight should help drive up the long term value as well.) And remember, before spending big money on a card you should always have it checked out by a baseball card grading company.

Stephen Strasburg – Strasburg rookie cards were the hottest cards of 2010.  Many believe that he has the potential to be the next Nolan Ryan.  After experiencing a devastating injury during his inaugural season collectors are about to jump back on the bandwagon hoping he can avoid further injuries.  His rookie cards make a great investment at their current levels.  Buyers should proceed with caution but he has more upside than any major league pitcher.

Bryce Harper – The Nationals young outfielder will be getting his chance to make it to the show in 2012.  If Bryce can be successful during spring training you can expect him to be in Nationals starting OF on opening day.  Harper has a lot of speculative hype that has been helpful to collectors who purchased his rookie cards early.  If he can live up to expectations he maybe the great young prospect that the Nationals need to win the pennant.

Matt Kemp – Kemp had an incredible 2011 season and many believe he should have won the MVP award over Ryan Braun.  His speed, power and incredible discipline at the plate make him one of the best young players in baseball. Currently Matt Kemp rookie cards are very affordable.  You can expect his rookie cards to skyrocket in 2012 if he gets off to a hot start.

Michael Pineda – Pineda made the list since being traded to the New York Yankees.  He had an incredible season with the Mariners and the Bronx Bombers are hoping he will be the last missing piece to fill into their starting rotation.  Pitching in New York is not an easy task but if Pineda can put up impressive numbers like he did in 2011 you can expect his rookie cards to double in value.

As the 2012 comes upon us I believe these 5 players have the most upside. Their baseball cards have a lot of potential and as long as they are purchased at the right prices collectors can expect nice returns on their investments.

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