Pujols To Sign With the Angels

by kelly on December 8, 2011

So much for no decision coming today. Yahoo’s Tim Brown has tweeted that Albert Pujols will sign with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for 10 years at $250-$260 million. The King will have a full no-trade clause.

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Buster Olney of  ESPN confirms the same news.

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Danny Knobler of CBS Sports says the deal is for just over $250 million total. The Cardinals had offered closer to $200 million.

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Brown tweets that there is no op-out clause in the contract, which could make things get interesting in five or six years.

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The Angels swooped in late and got their man, tweets Olney.

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Earlier today, Jon Heman of SI.com tweeted that the Angels would have to get to the $250 million range to “win the day.” Sounds like they did just that.

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In Pujols, the Angels are getting arguably the best hitter of a generation. Albert is a 3-time National League MVP and a likely Hall of Famer. His 445 career home runs put him at 37th all-time and he will only be 32 years old when the 2012 season begins. L.A. fans could be set to watch Pujols break records in an Angels uniform over the next decade.

Cardinal Nation weeps…

Jon Heyman speculates that Pujols signing could get C.J. Wilson to sign with L.A. as well, as the Angels have to be a favorite in the American League now.

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UPDATE: Bob Nightengale of USA Today tweets that the Marlins actually offered Pujols more money than the Angels did. That makes two free agents that spurned Miami for L.A., as the Marlins had a 6-year offer worth more money to C.J. Wilson.

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