Dodgers Claim Cliff Lee

by Matthew on August 3, 2012

Twitter lit up like a roman candle on Friday afternoon as several sources reported that the Los Angeles Dodgers claimed Phillies pitching ace Cliff Lee off waivers.

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The teams have three days to work out as deal, which will be no small task, considering Lee is due nearly $95 million between now and end of his contract.

Nevertheless, the Dodgers are basically saying, they can afford it, obviously willing to absorb the full blunt of Lee’s massive paycheck.

If a trade cannot be worked out however, Philly would then have to pull Lee back, and he would likely not be traded this season.

It appears that the Dodgers, who claimed another Phillies’ pitcher Joe BlantonĀ earlier in the day, are interested in Lee because Ted Lilly’s rehab is coming along slowly.

It will be fascinating to see what the teams work out, as Lee is scheduled to pitch on Sunday versus Arizona.

His destiny could be decided in that single game.

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