Mariners and Twins Talking Beltre Trade?

by Ben Cook on December 8, 2008

The Minnesota Twins are in need of a third baseman. Until recently it looked like the Dodgers free agent, Casey Blake would be their man. However Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times is reporting that talks have broken down between the free agent and the Twinkies and that the Twins are looking elsewhere to fill their need at the hot corner. Now, you might be wondering why a writer from Seattle is interested in the Twins negotiations with Blake. Well, it just so happens that the Seattle Mariners have a thirdbaseman, Adrian Beltre, that they’ve been trying to trade for a few years now.

Baker writes that the Twins asked about Beltre last July but didn’t want to meet the M’s demand AND pay the $17 million owed to Beltre. Now, Beltre’s only owed $12 million and Baker speculates that the Twins could also send a decent sized contract like Michael Cuddyer’s back to Seattle in exchange for the 29 year old third baseman.

Beltre has fallen off from the stats he put up with the Dodgers the year before signing a big deal with Seattle. However, he would provide Gold Glove caliber defense for the Twins and still has some power, hitting 25 home runs each of the last 3 years.

While the deal would obviously depend on what Minnesota is willing to give up in return, this should be an interesting situation to watch over the next few days as GM’s congregate in Vegas for the Winter Meetings.

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