ARod Tested Positive for Steriods in ’03

by Ben Cook on February 7, 2009

4 sources have reportedly informed Sports Illustrated that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two different steroids in his MVP season of 2003 with the Texas Rangers.

The positive tests were allegedly part of MLB’s survey testing which was used to determine if regular random testing would be instituted. However, the federal authorities seized the records as a part of their investigation into BALCO and while the records are still under seal, 4 different sources leaked the information to SI with the condition of anonymity.

While ARod has never tested positive under the leagues random mandatory testing, according to three other MLB players, he was tipped off about a pending test by Gene Orza from the players’ union in 2004.

ARod, with 553 career home runs, has long been expected to compete for the all time home run crown and many fans viewed his shot at the record as a chance for a “clean” player to reclaim the title from the “juicer” Barry Bonds. If these alegations are true, however, his record would be just as tainted as Bonds’.

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