Brewers and Yankees Talking Trade

by Ben Cook on December 14, 2008

The Milwaukee Brewers talks with the Yankees about outfielder Mike Cameron are reportedly back on and quite close. The New York Post is reporting that the deal would send Kei Igawa and Melky Cabrera to the Brewers in exchange for Cameron. The only issue left, according to the Post, is how much (if any) of the remaining $12 million due Igawa over the next three years the Yankees will pick up. The Brewers are looking to shift Cameron’s salary towards their rotation but $4 million a year for a pitcher with a 13.50 ERA and only one start last year isn’t what they had in mind.

Assuming the deal does go through, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Brewers move quickly to re-sign Ben Sheets as the ace of their staff. While Milwaukee fans are familiar with Sheets’ history of injuries, he’s the only remaining free agent starter with “ace” tallent.

A trade for Cameron would likely remove Manny Ramirez from the Yankees consideration and could send the former Red Sox and Dodger slugger back to California with either the Dodgers or the Angels should they lose out on Teixeira.

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