Teixeira Leaving LA?

by Ben Cook on November 23, 2008

Orange County Register reporter, Randy Youngman, doesn’t think free agent slugger Mark Teixeira will be back with the Los Angeles Angels next year. He calls it a “gut feeling” and mentions that the people he talks to within the Angels organization don’t seem optimistic about the slugger’s return. Instead, Youngman predicts, Teixeira will sign with the Boston Red Sox sometime during the high profile winter meetings.

Now, I realize that Boston is no longer phased by money and they’ve essentially become the enbodiment of the Steinbrenner Evil Empire that they so despised for so long. But Teixeira is going to command $20 million per year AND the Red Sox would have to trade Mike Lowell to open up a position for Tex to play. Obviously the Sox no longer have Manny and his enormous contract on the books and Tex would also help them achieve their goal of getting younger.

However, Boston also isn’t the only team trying to sign Tex. Everyone from the rival Yankees to the Angels and Dodgers are going to be in on the bidding and that’s where I see Boston having a problem. The Sox don’t NEED Teixeira like the Angels do. They have a lineup full of sluggers and as I mentioned already, they don’t even have an opening unless they make a trade. The Angels on the other hand have been looking for a bat like this to protect Vald Guerrero seemingly since Ole’ Abner invented the game.

Also, as much as they resemble them these days, the Sox are NOT the Yankees. Sure George has handed things over to his son Hal but that’s precisely why the Yankees will top any offer Boston can make. Hal is eager to put his stamp on this Yankees club and if that weren’t enough, they actually have money to spend this winter!

So, Mr. Youngman is just going to have to forgive me but I’m going to disagree with his “gut feeling.” For the life of me I can’t figure out how Boston is going to land Mark Teixeira. Either it comes down to cold hard dollars in which case Hal Steinbrenner and the Yankees will never let themselves be topped by their bitter rivals, or it comes down to the team that’s going to make Tex their centerpiece, in which case it’s going to be tough for Boston to top the kind of offer the Angels are going to be able to make.

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