Justin Upton Rejected Deal to the Mariners

by kelly on January 11, 2013

The Justin Upton saga continues. Apparently the Mariners and the Diamondbacks agreed to a trade for the 25-year-old slugger, but Upton, who has the Mariners as one of four teams on his no-trade list, nixed the deal. Ken Rosenthal gave the details on Twitter.

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That would have been quite the haul of prospects for the Diamondbacks, and might not have been a popular move for the Mariners. Though this has to be pretty frustrating for the Mariners front office, who have been working very aggressively this winter to upgrade the team’s offense.

But, Upton – as well as other sluggers – might not be too crazy about the idea of going to play half their games in spacious Safeco Field.

This doesn’t mean Upton can’t change his mind though. The deal could still go through if he has a change of heart and accepts the move.

In the meantime, another A.L. West team looks to be out of Upton talks, according to beat writer Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News.

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This goes to show, though, that the Diamondbacks are very serious about trading Upton. The Braves remain a possibility, and a reunion with his big brother B.J. might make the most sense if the M’s and Rangers are out.

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