Seattle emerges as front runner for Josh Hamilton

by Matthew on December 9, 2012

As baseball fans fired up their Twitter accounts on Sunday, a new front runner emerged from the pack in the signing of free agent slugger Josh Hamilton.

Last year, he electrified crowds, hammering 43 home runs and driving in 128 runs.

Now, according to Jon Heyman of, the Seattle Mariners are the closest to offering Hamilton his request for a seven-year deal, going five to six.  But Seattle fans need not get to excited just yet. Since the Rangers lost out on signing Zack Greinke, the M’s might find themselves in the midst of a battle with Texas.

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The Ranges are reportedly willing to go to four years with the 31-year-old, but who really knows, as they are still rumored to have their sights set on a trade for Diamondbacks outfielder Justin Upton. And they are going to need the money.  That alone makes it hard to believe they would even be interested at all in keeping Hamilton.

It’s all complicated.

But hey, who knows, if Mariners’ fans are lucky, they may get a glimpse of their first home run-hitting centerfielder since Ken Griffey, Jr. when the 2013 season gets underway.

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