Cardinals Trade for Holliday

by Ben Cook on July 24, 2009

Update IV

ESPN’s Buster Olney is on 101ESPN in St. Louis and reports that the A’s will include $1.5 million to help off-set the cost of Holliday’s contract. There is no word on a Holliday extension with the Cardinals but the deal is still breaking.

Update III

Per ESPN the deal if official and only 4 players are reportedly involved. This is a fantastic trade for the Oakland A’s and certainly makes the Cardinals the team to beat in the NL, if only for the rest of this year.

Excuse me as I try to go figure out why the Cardinals just traded two of their best prospects & a 3rd player for a two month rental.

Update II

According to FanHouse’s Ed Price sources say the trade is “going down” and is being finalized “as we speak”.


ESPN is reporting that the two teams are “close” to a trade that would send Matt Holliday to St. Louis for outfielder Shane Peterson, pitcher Clayton Mortensen, and top prospect Brett Wallace.

It’s tough for me to be objective on this one but that seems like a hell of a price to pay for a rental. As a Cardinal fan I would certainly hope there is more coming back than just Holliday. As an A’s fan, I’d try and figure out how to get Cards GM John Mozeliak to sign as quickly as possible.

The St. Louis Cardinals and Oakland A’s are reportedly discussing a trade that would send All Star outfielder Matt Holliday to the Cardinals. Oakland is said to be requiring Cardinals top prospect Brett Wallace in the deal and ESPN’s Buster Olney says the likelyhood of the deal is at 50/50.

The Cardinals have been searching for a bat to protect the best hitter in the game, Albert Pujols. While Pujols has put up incredible numbers thus far this year, he’s also been walked 74 times already. Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa has been vocal in his desire for Holliday, believing him to be the perfect cleanup hitter to bat behind Albert.

Rumors of this deal had been kicked around earlier in the year, but the Cardinals had been reluctant to include Wallace, ranked among the top 25 prospects in the game, for Holliday who will be a free agent at the end of the year and is represented by notorious money chaser Scott Boras.

As a Cardinal fan, I’d certainly¬† love to have protection in the lineup for Pujols, but I just can’t justify trading Wallace for a few months of Holliday. Sure Wallace may not turn out to be a perrenial All Star, but he’s our top trading chip right now and has been discussed in our potential pursuit of Roy Halladay. Plus, as we’ve seen from Colby Rasmus’ performance this year, the farm system has gotten much better at producing legitimate Major League tallent.

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