Pujols Won’t Sign Until After The Winter Meetings

by kelly on December 8, 2011

Jayson Stark of ESPN tweeted last night that free agent slugger Albert Pujols will not sign until after the Winter Meetings.

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Yesterday we learned that the Marlins are out of the Pujols sweepstakes, but the Angels are very much in. Bob Nightengale of USA Today wrote that the Halos have offered him $210 million over 10 years.

Still, Jon Heyman of SI.com tweets that those close to Pujols think it will take a lot of extra coin to get the King to leave St. Louis.

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And there is STILL a mystery team in the mix, Ken Rosenthal tweeted.

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Within this Stark column is a hint that the mystery team would need to trade an established first baseman to make room for Albert. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted this morning that the mystery team is NOT the Yankees.

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Pure speculation on my part: That hint could also suggest that the mystery team is a National League team, as an American League team would be able to use the DH slot to get both Albert and the incumbent first baseman into the lineup.

Sorry, Cardinals fans. It doesn’t sound like you’re getting off the Pujols roller coaster quite yet.

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