Hamilton seeks $25M for seven years

by Matthew on November 4, 2012

It’s not even Thanksgiving and Josh Hamilton is already looking for a Christmas gift. And if he gets it, on average, he would earn $25 million per year over the next seven seasons–tied for the fourth highest in Major League Baseball history.

At least that’s according to John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus who reports that Hamilton is looking for a long-term $175 million deal in free agency.

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While that price doesn’t match the length the Angles gave slugger Albert Pujols (10-years, $254MM), it is an average salary for a top free agent hitter in today’s market. However, Hamilton does come with some risks. More than just on field ones too.

First, he will hit 32-years-old this coming season and has had injury and off-the-field concerns.  Those issues alone could keep him from inking a solid deal. Not to mention trouble finding a club with the financial flexibility to sign him.

Including the Texas Rangers, who according to the Dallas Morning News on Sunday, are not prepared  to give Hamilton the kind of deal he’s looking for after extending him a qualifying offer worth $13.3M last month.

He has until next Friday to either accept or decline the Rangers offer.

Regardless, there have been reports of teams like the Braves and the Brewers being interested in signing the five-time All-Star.

And if Hamilton declines Texas’ deal as expected, he will surely end up on someone’s roster for the money he is seeking.

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