Rangers still talking with Napoli

by Matthew on November 25, 2012

Despite recent discussions  with Boston Red Sox and upcoming meetings with the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said on Friday the “lines of communication remain open” with free-agent catcher-first baseman Mike Napoli.

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But why if they are interested, are the Rangers letting Napoli explore the market before having definitive talks with him? Why not just give him a five-year $100-million deal now?

Well for starters, he’s an average player at best outside of one great year in Texas. He strikes out too much and is below average in the field.

Sure Napoli has good power when he’s healthy, but the Ranges certainly want someone who can play at least 150 games in a season. Something Napoli has never done. He was a career-low .224 at the plate and dealt with leg injuries throughout the year.

The only advantage for Texas to hang on to the 30-year old is that they know what to expect. And the fact that he plays very well against division rival Anaheim.

Still, the only way I see Napoli remaining in Texas is as a DH, a position that would help him avoid injuries, but one not worth the kind of money Napoli is after.

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