Rangers and Yankees Jump in on Dempster Talks

by kelly on July 31, 2012

The Ryan Dempster saga continues. It has sounded for days like the Dodgers were the only team that had a chance at getting Ryan Dempster from the Cubs, but two new teams have entered the mix this morning – the Rangers and the Yankees. David Kaplan of CSN Chicago writes that Dempster would approve a trade to either team, which should definitely light a fire under the Dodgers if they’re serious about acquiring the veteran righty.

The Rangers have gone back and forth about pursuing starters. They tried to get Zack Greinke but missed out, then said they would plan to seek bullpen help and move Alexi Ogando to the rotation. Now, one day after Roy Oswalt had a horrible outing against the Angels, they’re looking at Dempster as a possibility. The Yankees are always looking for upgrades and could use Dempster to move struggling righty Freddy Garcia to the bullpen.

So it’s sounding more and more like the Cubs will deal Dempster after all. But now the destination is completely up in the air.

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