Nationals Make Six Year Pitch to Wilson?

by Ben Cook on December 5, 2011

The Washington Nationals are reportedly offering a six year deal to pitcher C. J. Wilson.

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Wilson is widely viewed as the best free agent pitcher on the market, and several teams have expressed interest. However, no team to this point has been willing to offer a 6 year deal to the 31 year old pitcher who has logged over 200 innings each of the last two years.

In fact, there seems to be some question as to whether the Nationals are even willing to offer the rumored six year deal.

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As is often the case this time of year, information is flying fast and changing by the minute. And after all, we deal in rumors on this site.

The Angles are reportedly scheduled to meet with Wilson’s agent, and the Marlins are rumored to be interested as well.

The Rangers seem to have resigned themselves to losing Wilson and plan on having Nelson Cruz join the rotation while handing off the closing duties to newly signed Joe Nathan.


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